NextcloudPi HowTo install PLEX and FTP server?

Hi guys, i’m new i Raspberry Pi world, and try to set it up.
I wanted to make a NAS server from Raspberry Pi, so I decided to do it on an OMV image, but I could not start the NC server from the Docker plugin. (if someone wants to help - it’s great, I’m happy to accept such support)
Finally - I chose NextcloudPi. I would like to install a plex server and, if possible, a torrent. Can anyone tell me how to do it?

Recognise that pis are low level hardware. PLEX is more for bigger system, specially when you want to use it for monitoring. Ever new piece of software will make it slower.

I guess you can install plex on top of NCP following some web guide. It will not work fine if PLEX installs or configure something that conflicts with NCP.

you also have the option to use the NCP docker version, which is isolated and won’t conflict with the rest of the system, but I would try the first suggestion first because the SD card version is more feature rich