[NextCloudPi] HowTo install fresh NextCloudPi and let old data

is there a step by step tutorial how to install freah nextcloudpi and let my old data ?
I have installed Nextcloupi before half year.with eveything like put the cath to hdd etc. now i like to let my data untouched an install a fresh system on my SD card and connect to my old database. can somebody help me?


Many people ask this, I asked for some help with this documentation, but still is not on the wiki

Because you don’t have a backup with nc-backup, basically, I recommend that you

  • copy your files somewhere else (it can be on the same hard drive)
  • download the latest SD and copy it and run it
  • use the wizard to set up
  • upload the files again, or copy them to /data/admin/files, then run nc-scan

If people have a backup, then it is a matter of nc-restore on the last step

Thanks for the quick request. What i don’t understand - i mean to saw in the wizard to bind the external HDD, but with warning, that eveything will erased.Correct? But when i “copy your files somewhere else (it can be on the same hard drive)” i lose everything.

The last days i saw and read in the wiki. Sure you write you are happy about every help, but i think my englisch is so worst, that you have more work to correct my writings that it helps :slight_smile:


In the wizard, hit

  • want to use USB? -> yes
  • plug in USB -> continue
  • do you want to format? -> skip
  • move your data to USB -> yes

So be careful not to hit “format USB”, so you don’t lose your data.

When you are done, in Linux you can move the files into the new data folder, and then from ncp-web hit ‘nc-scan’ to refresh your files in Nextcloud