NextCloudPi gets RPi4 support, a backup UI, moves to NC16.0.3, Buster, PHP7.3 and more

The latest release is out. Please share the torrents!


Please make it easy to install Nextcloud client under Buster on RPi2 or RPi3 also. I know (first hand experience :grinning:) that the client can slow things down on legacy RPi but the service is so useful when turned on that it is difficult for me to be without it.

I have many, many RPi (too ashamed to state the number here publicly) and my server is the original Nextcloud RPi (i.e. WD kit). This server does a wonderful job across many clients (Windows, Ubuntu and Raspbian) for some select accounts that I count on it to keep everything in order.
Right now, I have difficulty installing the client. I followed some old instructions (during the Stretch days) but either my documentation was faulty or something has changed that I cannot fix on my own.
Kind regards.