NextCloudPi gets new look and feel, Redis, spDNS support, Berryboot support, Debian installer and more

The latest release is out!

We come with a big bunch of changes, ranging from performance improvements, aesthetic changes, more DDNS providers and new options for installation.

See what’s new

Please, share this image and stop sharing the old one!

great job. I have one idea. If its not so much work can you bind the DDNS Provider like
.So you have a quick overview what DDNS it gives
its only a idea (or nice to have)

Yes, we want to start grouping all the options we have, it’s getting crazy xD

it’s already rewquested here -->

hell ya… that’s a bunch of news, indeed!

i like them… sanely done and wisely chosen.
the new logo is awesome and somehow funny as well.

as i understood #redis got implemented… but only for fresh installs in the ne image, right? what about already running systems? how could they (and me, of course) benefit from it?


redis was automatically installed to all running systems as part of the update

you are already using it :wink: