Nextcloudpi fresh reinstall, multiple problems

Long story short, I had a nextcloudpi running on a raspberry pi 3B+ that was working well with an external ssd and a dnsfree for internet access. After a failed dist-upgrade, I needed a fresh reinstall.

Now, even tough everything seems set accordingly, the port 22 doesn’t want to open, so I can’t SSH. (it’s activated, allowed through ufw, services are enabled and running fine, still, nmap shows the port as closed (same after multiple reboot)).

I can’t access it locally neither, getting an unable to connect even though ports 80 and 443 are open. Can’t let’sencrypt because of access denied on 443… Nothing seems to work.

I’m stuck and there are so much settings I’m at a lost on where to start for debugging. What can I show you to help me? Anyone available? I don’t see a lot of active community for nextcloudpi support. First step would be to fix ssh, so I can at least copy/paste logs and infos.

sounds kind of a mess. I’m sorry for that.
How did you install ncp?
Did you use the image or the curl installer?
Was it possible to ssh into the pi?
Because you wrote ufw is configured. How did you do that? Is the pi in your local network and reachable with his local ip or not reachable from internal and external communication?
So a lot of question which help to bring light into your issue.

-Installed ncp on my SD card using dd with the image downloaded by torrent (md5 checked);
-I was able to SSH at first, then it suddenly stopped working;
-I configured ufw by accessing ncp-config with th epi plugged on a kvm on it’s onwn monitor;
-Not reachable on local ip (Internal Server Error) at 443, and at 4443 it asks for login but entering the password I set with ncp-config doesn’t work (ask again for login)
-Not reachable on external ip (security issue, self_signed_cert)

UPDATE 15h12: Deactivating fail2ban made ssh work again, but still can’t access the cloud on ports 80 and 443. 4443 still asks for login that fails.

I’m not sure. As far as I know you are able to enter ncp-config in the ssh-shell without entering the password. So you are also able to change the 4443 password an retry it.

In 4443 or even in the ssh session you should be able to extract the logfiles and post them here.

My nextcloud.log file:
Looks like files/dirs are missing. I changed with ncp-config the database and data dir to /media/myCloudDrive. Would that be the problem?

Actually I never managed to move the database and not break the whole instance ;-).
I know people are able to do that but I’m not that skilled. Is there a particular reason you want to move the database?
In your case I would try all steps of you installation without moving the database and you will see if and when the instance breaks.

Just thought I needed both… Well in that case, let me try that.

EDIT 16h20: It worked. It was moving the database that cause the problems. Thanks a lot for your help! Now let’s encrypt works and everything looks fine!

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