[NextcloudPi] Failure to get Z-Push and NextcloudPi to run on one machine

I’m having issues with NextcloudPi and Z-Push on one machine. Once I install the Z-Push code from its repository, the NextcloudPi admin web panel (v0.53.4) fails to properly load (it starts but never stops loading, I cannot select anything from the menu).

The command line menu works just fine.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Flash latest image to new SD card (for RPi 3 B), enable ssh through file system

  • Add Z-Push repo for Debian 9 (see here: https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Installation#Installation-Addrepository)

  • Install required packages with

    sudo apt install z-push-config-apache z-push-backend-carddav z-push-backend-caldav z-push-backend-combined z-push-backend-imap z-push-ipc-sharedmemory

  • Z-Push installation cannot create the required log files at /var/log/z-push, create them manually

    sudo -u www-data touch /var/log/z-push/z-push.log
    sudo -u www-data touch /var/log/z-push/z-push-error.log

  • Z-Push requires the Apache 2 module alias
    sudo a2enmod alias

I also tried an update to v0.53.26 - no change.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your support!