Nextcloudpi does not sync over home network

Good morning dear forum!

I have set up the Nextcloud on the raspberry Pi 3+ according to this guide:

In itself, the whole thing is now also going on, but not as intended:
If I want to synchronize folders with Nextcloud software, it won’t happen over the home network. The data is “uploaded” for some reason, resulting in a synchronization speed of 0.2 MB/s (exactly the upload speed that my Internet connection has).

It would be great if the data would go directly from the computer via a lan cable to the router and then to the Nextcloudpi…

There’s probably just a wrong attitude somewhere but I don’t find this…

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thank you in advance!! [Slow|690x59] (upload://zSRgBzyaib7ZZucQ6anZjz0mlSR.png) ! [proxy|690x271] - upload://8ttyPZBNqyvPLPQz6wqaHt6qgwo.png

If you want a direct communication inside your network make sure your Nextcloud Desktop Client has configured a local address.

There are multiple options:

  • Best Solution: Use a local DNS Resolver which manipulates your DNS Records (A-IPv4) for your local Servers. (Maybe PiHole can do this for you) - I am using Bind for such things, therefore there are also some helpful videos on youtube.
  • If IPv6 is available use it (only) for the dynDNS service so direct routing and NAT is no problem as each computer has its own routable address.

Temp Quick and Dirty-solutions:

  • Use the raspi-local IP like for your sync-clients.
    Make sure it is the ip-access is allowed in your Nextcloud config.
    It is usually located at /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php
  array (
    0 => '',
    1 => '',
  • You can also manipulate your domain in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file --> disadvantage: mobile routing does not work with that setting, so you need to have an eye on it when you leave your network with your device.