NextCloudPi - Docker Compose Help

EDIT 2: Basically scratch everything I said below. I figured out I can map the /data dir to my external drive, which automatically sees the amount of free space on my USB HDD. Nice!

I guess my single, only question then is: can I add files outside of the docker volume into the NextCloud database? For example, I have another service running on this computer that generates video files, and I’d love to be able to have them show up in NextCloud. I’m thinking of something like having the ability to map a folder on the USB HDD into NextCloud.

Original question:
I’m trying to setup NextCloudPi with the docker-compose method, and I’m pretty confused.

At first it seemed to work well - I cloned the repo, ran the docker-compose command (armhf.yml version), and proceeded to visit the server hosted at ports 443 and 4443. Passwords and such were generated, and I was able to login successfully.

My first problem was trying to see data stored on a USB drive connected to the machine. I’m under the assumption from the documentation that to change this, I need to change something in the docker-compose yml file. So I decided to try that next, but without much success…

Out of curiosity of how docker-compose works and as a way to “start over,” I completely removed the container, volume, and images using the docker-compose commands. I then deleted the cloned repo folder.

I figured by starting over, I’d go through the same process again. But to my surprise, I still had to use the older passwords generated the first time I ran compose. So how can I “completely” start over? And is there an easy way to add USB drive folders using the docker-compose files?

EDIT: Scratch what I said above about “starting over.” I realized that I needed to prune the unused volumes when the container was down. Now I can actually start over (it deleted the data directory). However, it is not very clear how to allow NextCloud to see data on the actual system through Docker.

Glad you got it working. The docker way is a bit more advanced. In any case, the documentation is written by the community so feel free to edit the wiki and clarify anything :wink: