Nextcloudpi DirtyPipe Kernel Update?

Hey there,
I just read about the dirty pipe vulnerability an recognized my current NCP runs on affected Kernel Version 5.10.92-v8+
What’s to be done here? Can I just update the Kernel to 5.10.102 ? If so, how does it work?
Sorry, I’m quite new to NCP/Linux.

You simply need to upgrade your kernel…

What linux version are you using…

for example, with ubuntu/debian system you simply do under root apt-get update , then apt-get upgrade, and simply answer/follow the screen questions…

Raspery software you do opening a new terminal window and entering the command sudo rpi-eeprom-update

Hi @drufus

The kernel should get upgraded via normal system upgrades. According to this, NCP should have unattended upgrades enabled by default, so your OS should download and install package and kernel upgardes automatically. But in order for the system to use the new kernel after an upgrade, you have to reboot.

If for some reason the automatic upgrades don’t work, you can also manually run sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade from the command line as @stratege1401 already mentioned. sudo rpi-eeprom-update will upgrade the EPROM of the Pi if there is an upgrade available for it and is not needed for kernel-upgrades.

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Thanks a lot for your replies.
I run nextcloudpi which is Debian 11.
Ran both, update and upgrade. I was just wondering, because the auto update an manual update via the web interface didn’t do the trick.
Now it’s fine, thanks a lot!