Nextcloudpi devel branch


I want to install the devel branch in a working nextcloud instance.
I saw how to do in the forum sometime ago but I can not find it.

How can I do that?

In admin change channel to BetaUdate2Beta-Nextcloud-Screenshot at 2020-07-19 17-44-15

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your reply.

I’m talking about testing NCP devel and not Nextcloud beta.
I have a spare RPI4 I want to use to start and learn testing NCP not Nextcloud.
Any other information about testing NCP will be welcome. I’ve read the information in .

To test new versions of ncp, you run

sudo ncp-update devel

But afaik there is none at the moment.
Usually, when testing is needed, Nacho lets us know through the Telegram groep, or this forum.
We mostly need testing when new images are generated. There is no one listed to test the berryboot image presently. But testing any new image and reporting about it, is much appreciated. So thanks in advance for contributing.

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Thanks Oliver