[NextCloudPi] Can't access domain nextcloudpi.local on Android

I can’t access my NexCloudPi on Android (LineageOS, Android 8.1, with the most recent updates) through https://nextcloudpi.local .

Firefox gives a “Server not found” error. All NextCloud apps also fail to connect. On my Linux laptop, a MacBook Pro, and old iPod Touch it works without issues. I am using the provided self-signed certificate.

I feel this should be common issue (it’s all pretty much on default) but I’m not finding any post describing the same problem. How can I get get this working on Android?

As I’m a newbie regarding NextCloudPi take what I say with a pinch. But I had the exact same symptoms after an initial install, and after I changed to a fixed IP.

Turns out, somehow, that there was a subnet mismatch in the network config. As soon as I corrected it I was able to connect via Android and Windows apps.

Good luck.

Thanks, that was a good suggestion, but I just checked and both Android device and NCP have a static IP configured and everything seems correct.

You can’t get this working on Android as it doesn’t support mDNS, see https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues/1418. I’m using static IP which is problematic when it’s not so static.

Note that mDNS and having a static IP are basically unrelated.

The best solution is to use real DNS.

yes, best is to configure your router DNS. If you can’t do that, you can use ncp’s embedded dnsmasq