NextCloudPi - Cannot get new NCP VM image to work on VirtualBox


Dear all,

I used the new NCP-VM image Nachoparker created and tried to get it running in a VM with VirtualBox. Unfortunately, I did not succeed. :frowning_face:


Host: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
VirtualBox Version 5.2.22

This is what I did:

  • Downloaded the image from above website
  • Converted it to a VMDK image using ‘VboxManage’ under Windows 10
  • Created a new VM in Virtualbox with the following parameters:
    > RAM: 4096 MB
    > EFI: activated
    > graphic memory: 128 MB
    > Controller: SATA
    > SATA-Port 0: NCP-VM Image
    > Network adapter with network bridge
    > USB controller: xHCI

With these settings I ended up in the UEFI shell, since no startup.nsh file was present:

So I thought the image might require a classic BIOS. I disabled EFI and started again with the following result:

I also converted the downloaded image to a VDI image - with the same outcome!

Now I am at a loss. If someone has an idea how to get the image running under VirtualBox with Windows 10 as host, that would be greate.

Bummer :frowning: I’d start a VM with a minimal (netinstall iso) Debian9, install only ssh and basic-tools, run apt update and upgrade, then run the script and you should be up and running in no time.

Hi OliverV,

that was my first approach: I did a minimal install of Debian Stretch, followed by using the curl install command for NCP. Everything is running fine - except the NCP Web Panel! It always gets stuck during first load.

That’s why I wanted to test, if I get a working NCP Web Panel using a ready-made VM image. And now I got here stuck too.

First run, initializing NC can take a while, depending hardware…
I always keep the log open, waiting for init done is required :persevere:

sudo tail -f /var/log/ncp.log

Guys, I haven’t tested the NCP VM myself, but I made an instruction video on how to mount the Nextcloud VM here:

Hope it helps!