NextCloudPi brings NC 12.0.2, autoupdates, update notifications and more

NextCloudPi just updated to the latest NC 12.0.2, and comes with improved NC integration and more

Check it out

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Is this the update procedure?

Why is this for windows?

No, NextCloudPi does not use snaps, and is unrelated to the nextcloud-snap project

I don’t understand, can you elaborate? NextCloudPi is for the Raspberry Pi. It is based on Raspbian

sorry, wrong link, this should be better (sorry, discourse modifies the links):

mmm, like I said, NextCloudPi does not use snaps.

The update system is completely different, you can update

  • automatically, if configured through nc-autoupdate-ncp
  • from the web interface ( nc-update option )
  • from the ncurses utility nextcloudpi-config ( same option )
  • from the command line sudo ncp-update