NextcloudPi: best practice

Building my first Nextcloud instance for the home, with the intent to securely share documents with family, lawyer etc. Suggestions from the community indicated that using a large SD card would burn out within two years: I would think that read /writes to the SD card are independent of the size and that that the unsaid suggestion is to use berryboot to keep the OS and NexcloudPi stack on a conventional USB HDD?

Is this the best practice(berryboot)?
Is this the common practice or do most folks use the SD card?
Will I need to reformat my existing USB-HDD (that currently has data) in order to berryboot?
If berryboot is the best practice to use a SSD USB HDD or electro-mechanical USBHDD?

a large one would burn as fast as as small one (heavily depending upon the quality of used sd-card itself). i just wanted to let you know that I wouldn’t store any data there.

of course you could use berryboot (i’m not quite sure if ncp supports that but i think it does somehow). but even more important would be a daily backuproutine to 1. your harddisk and 2. to some place within your network. both IS supported by ncp. so that you could easily restore your saved configs and database (even if you wouldn’t run berryboot)

@JimmyKater Thank you. I think that you are suggesting that a smaller SD card (32GB) is fine and that data should not be stored on the SD card because it could fail (resulting in data loss) or at least have a backup on the LAN.

The original thought behind using the SD card for documents is speed (NAS / HDD has to spin-up). Maybe it is possible to store 20GB of documents on the SD-Card and automate a backup to the USB HDD? (Am I overthinking this or is there a URL with best practice on this topic?)

if you’re after speed… be warned again. any solution on an rpi wouldn’t be really fast… i have mine running on an rpi3b+ - it’s ok for my purposes. i could send you some account-credentials for testing, if you want.