[NextCloudPi] Best Practice to move Docker x86 to another Host

Is there a “best practice” how to move a running NextCloudPi Docker Container to another Host?

you stopp the container. you move the data. you pull the images. you start them as new containers.
you can’t move a running container.
to do this you have to know how the containers are started in nextcloudpi to know where you’re data are stored.

Well, this answer doesnt solve my problem :frowning:

Till now i tried this …

docker ps (get ID)
docker commit ID
docker save ownyourbits/nextcloudplus-x86 > C:\DockerSave\NextCloudPi.tar (Save Image to Windows Path)
Move TAR to new Windows Host
docker load < C:\DockerSave\NextCloudPi.tar (Load saved Image)
docker images -a (Show loaded Images to get ID)
And after all… When i use docker run ID - Docker reinit my save Image :-/ Any ideas?