NextcloudPi behind a Caddy HTTPS reverse proxy?


I have a few websites already running, using Caddy, which does its own Let’s Encrypt HTTPS (and rather well, I may add). I’d like to add a Raspberry Pi with NCP, i.e. use Caddy as reverse proxy, just as I do with a few other services here.

Am running into a few issues, using a brand new install on RasPi3:

  • Caddy does HTTPS, so NCP will get all sessions on port 80, which it seems to refuse (wanting to do its own HTTPS, I assume?)
  • I get a request to set up NAT port forwards in my router, and a request to use DDNS, both of which are incorrect in my context, I believe.

So my question is: since I already have a functioning HTTPS entry point and don’t want to break that, how does one get started with NCP in this scenario? Is there an example, or a discussion to help figure out the proper setup? The Caddy server has been fully set up with a dedicated subdomain for this new NCP system.

FWIW, I’ve been using NC for years, but in a very basic / standard way. Am totally new to the NC-on-Pi build. I very much like the idea of a fully-configured NC which is actively supported and self-updating.

Any tips or pointers would be very much appreciated.

PS. I’ve set up an ssh file before first boot, but ssh login fails with “Could not chdir to home directory /nonexistent: No such file or directory”.