NextcloudPI Backups does not work to restore (Unauthorized download)

Hello Guys, my nextcloud works fine, but the backup sizes are in the minus:Annotation 2020-06-10 145306

And when i want to download the backup, i get this error:
Unauthorized download

I checked the path and tried it with another path and another usb device…

I hope you can help me, and sorry for my english i’m from switzerland


Does the path actually contain backups?

yes sure. i can now make a backup but i can’t download it…

You checked that via ssh terminal, or do you expect that from the info in ncp pannel?
Does www-user have full access to the backup path?

I’m in the same situation, I have a backup that I can’t delete via ftp or download

how exactly are you trying to download the backup and why?

Don’t be confused by the backup size shown there, they are not really correct, or show something I don’t understand. No Idea why.

To see how big your backup really is use the terminal:

df -h shows all drives
ls -lh /media/PATH/TO/YOUR/BACKUP lists all the backups and the size.

should look like this.