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I’m using Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. All data is stored on an external USB-Stick. Now I wanna make a Backup on a second USB-Stick. Therefore I opened the nextcloudpi config page. Then remove the USB-Stick for data and insert the USB-Stick for Backup. I formated the new stick with “format external storage” on the config page. After that I change to the backup settings, correct the directory and click on “Apply”, but there I get an error “Error reading data directory. Is NextCloud running and configured?”.
Now it is impossible using Nextcloud. When I wanna open Nextcloud in the Browser the message “Internal Server Error…” occurs.
But when I remove the Backup-Stick from the Raspi, then Nextcloud works normal. If I insert the Backup-Stick again, same issue.
I checked, if the sticks are correct mounted, but all seems correct.


Does anyone have a solution?

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Hi, please join as well to get help with this.

Thanks for the tip. I will try.

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Telegram is not meant to be a helpdesk. We send people here to get help when asking for assistance in Telegram, for questions beyond needing simple yes/no answers…

Once posted here, it can help to post a link to your issue in Telegram.

@micson Not clear what procedures you are following. Why do you unplug your data usb-stick?

If still need help, please post output of ncp-report via pastebin or similar.

I know this, and was quickly responding with the silly assumption that OP would do exactly what you outlined: post a link in the chat to their forum post here. Anyways, back to the usb issue.

@OliverV I apologize for misunderstanding the use of the chat.

Why do you unplug your data usb-stick?

Note in the NextCloudPi Documentation:
IMPORTANT: To format the second USB drive with “nc-format-USB” you first need to remove the first USB drive!”

But there is no information, when the data-usb has to plugged in. In my opinion, before the backup is started, since the data is on the other usb-stick. But then I get the error message.

“ls -lh /media/” when Backup-USB is plugged in (but Nextcloud doesn’t work)

Check content of config.php and edit if datadir is set to /media/USBdrive and modify to /media/myCloudDrive instead.

@OliverV That was the solution. Thanks.

By the way, do you know the reason of the warning message while making backup file: “Cannot load Zend OPcache - it was already loaded”? Are there any actions required or can this message ignored?

I’m very new to all this. How do I get to the config.php to edit?

@mmGrand In terminal

sudo nano /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php


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