NextcloudPi -- Backup & Notification

since I never succeeded in configuring “external storage” and “backup” apps, I’m still using NCP-Backup through NCP-panel.

My nextcloud is backing up daily to a mounted smb share (mounted through /ets/fstab.
All I’m missing in the NCP backup is an option for email notification.
Can anyone point me to the right direction?

@FraZon This is currently not officially supported by ncp-backup, however, you could adjust the script /etc/cron.d/ncp-backup-auto or /etc/cron.d/ncp-snapsync-auto (depending on which type of backup you are using) to accomplish that. I’m not so sure how to send a mail (might be possible somehow, since postfix is installed and configured on ncp afaik), but if, for example, you’d want to get a NC notification after a successful backup, all you need to do is add the following to the command in the script: && ncc notification:generate "yourNextcloudUsername" "Update completed successfully!"

The full content of /etc/cron.d/ncp-backup-auto could then look like this:

0  3  */1  *  *  root  /usr/local/bin/ncp-backup-auto >> /var/log/ncp.log 2>&1 && ncc notification:generate "yourNextcloudUsername" "Update completed successfully!"

Be aware that this change is overwritten, when you configure ncp-backup-auto from ncp-config or the ncp web panel

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thanks, man, this is pointing to the right direction.
but would also give positive notification when failed.

I’d be happy with a scripted workaround, but I doubt this would be for the common user.
As a on-premise cloud solution, this (backup and mail notification) should be implemented, since this is VERY important.

What’s the best on premise cloud solution good for, when the device fails w/o backups?!?!