NextCloudPi: Backup entire drive

I recently installed NextCloudPi and am confused on how to backup my entire drive and make periodic backups automatic. I noticed there there is an automatic backup option on the side panel in the WebUI but that seems to be for an NC instance?

Another question I have is that I noticed the language is in German for some reason and I’m not sure why. How can I switch this to English? I didn’t see it in the settings.

ummm. ok, you already mentioned yourself the correct term you need to look for at webUI of ncp. you can set the path of the drive to be backupped there (DestDir) … and tell to include or not usedata (from nc-instance)… look here for further instructions

in the menuebar at the upper left corner you’ll find the logo first, a versionnumber (today it is v0.60.8), followed by a third column… mine is set on auto which means ncp will be shown in the language that is defined as default on your instance. you can easily change it fpr ncp to EN by clicking it

There is a bug with the language selection, it will be fixed soon.

Regarding your questions, look at the official documentation. It’s all in the wiki