NextCloudPi arm docker setup


After starting NCP arm docker, I don’t have access to my-ip:443, my-ip:4443 and my-ip:80.
Someone has an idea about the reason for that?

Log says the following:
/[]: line 47: /etc/services-enabled.d/010lamp: Permission denied
/[]: line 47: /etc/services-enabled.d/020nextcloud: Permission denied
Init done

Don’t know whether the log is helpful. I am a newbie to docker and have absolutely no idea what might be wrong.
Thanks in advance!

What command did you use ?

Assuming you are on a RaspberryPI;
Maybe using sudo or adding the user to the docker group will fix this, hard to say from so little information.

sudo usermod -aG docker pi

Check NCP’s wiki getting started with docker