NextCloudPi - Apache Server down after update

Hi all

a day after updating the Nc to NC 15.0.1 I have no Access to my nc instance or ncp-web via browser.

I have Access via ssh to the rasper pi and found out that the instance itself seam running and although an update from NC and NCP was possible.

Only the httpd Service is shown as down.
The error message for the Apache Server is

It seams that the Server have no Access to the data Directory.
Question is how to fix this Problem.


So does the data directory actually exist? What are the owner/group settings? Can you show your nextcloud.conf in your apache configuration? I find it strange that the apache complains about a not existing data directory, that should be a nextcloud problem, not an apache problem.

The directory seams to exist. But there I have no access.


The entries in nextcloud.conf are as following:

Sigh so the missing data directory that Apache complains about is configured as the Apache logfile. This has nothing to do with nextcloud. Also, the Apache log file should not be in the nextcloud directory.

Obviously you log in as the pi user. So you can use sudo to get root privileges. This allows you to access all files. Be careful: this also allows you to destroy the system. The following commands should be safe.

I would suggest to create a dedicated directory for the apache log files:

sudo mkdir /var/log/apache2/nextcloud

and change the lines in nextcloud.conf:

CustomLog /var/log/apache2/nextcloud/access.log combined
ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/nextcloud/error.log

Next, check if /var/www/nextcloud/data actually exist:

sudo ls -l /var/www/nextcloud/data

and if not, create it:

sudo mkdir /var/www/nextcloud/data

and make sure all files in /var/www/nextcloud are owned by user www-data and group www-data.

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/nextcloud

Now restart apache:

sudo systemctl restart apache2.service

Tell us if it works.