NextcloudPi and NextCloud Photos 2.0

Hello everyone,

Sorry if it is a bad question!
I’m very interested in the installation of NextCloudPi on my raspberry Pi to store and share the photos with my family. But… I don’t know if NextCloud Photo 2.0 is included in the NextCloudPi?
(and if the power of raspberry pi 3 is enough for this feature…)
Thank you for your answer

See you !

Sorry you’re post got overlooked. I’m not sure why.

Yes, Photos 2 is included in recent NC versions. Some people find running NC on a Pi 3 alright. I used a Pi 4 (much more capable than the 3) up until late last year for a home instance and it worked fine, but it is significantly slower than using even an older PC.

Some people are okay with that - and I’m thankful for the Pi’s usefulness - but I’m glad I moved to a more capable platform for running NC.

P.S. NextcloudPi can also be used on non-Pi platforms if that’s you’re focus. Or you can run one of the other variations of NC suitable to different use cases.