NextcloudPI and Nextcloud 19

@nachoparker, any thoughts yet on when NextcloudPi might support Nextcloud 19? I am very much looking forward to using native WebAuthn for MFA.

i guess you could count on it some days after release of 19.0.2. - it was always released after x.0.2

Oops, I apologize. I thought it was after .0.1.

Makes sense though. Thanks for the reply.

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Why don’t use a 64 bit OS for raspberry pi and use docker? For me this was and is the better solution.

You can simply use nc-update-nextcloud to manually update to 19.0.1

I just did this in a VM, once updated you will get error message about missing db tables and php modules

Easy fix with;

sudo ncc db:add-missing-columns
sudo apt install php-bcmath
sudo apt install php-gmp
sudo apt install php-imagick (at your own risk, devs recommend not to use it)

NOTE: nc-update-nextcloud can not skip major versions, so if on 16, first update to 17, then to 18, and finally to 19.

NC19.0.2 is officially out for NCP


Yay @nachoparker is back :slight_smile:

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