NextcloudPi 1.4.4 - no content in right "frame"


After I updated ncp to 1.41 I see no content in the right “frame” if I click on any item in the left “frame”. Reloading the page shows the apply button but nothing else. This is using Chrome.

Using Edge I see the apply button instantly but nothing else.

Anyone else seeing this?


Hi. Try to clear history browser.

That does not make a difference. Since Edge is not my main browser it did not have any history or cache of nextcloudpi anyway.

Tried Chrome on Android, same result even with 1.4.4

I don’t quite understand. What does the mean - NCP ?

Nextcloudpi tools which one can access via xyz:4443.

I still have this issue. Is there a way to reset ncp in docker without resetting nextcloud?