#NextcloudConf24: Building a safer digital world

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At Nextcloud Community Conference, our community comes together to do more than networking, coding, and sharing the latest Nextcloud updates. We are united by one purpose, and that is to make this world a safer, more open and more inclusive space — on a digital level.

This year, Nextcloud Community Conference runs under the motto “Building a safer digital world”. For that’s what we do as Nextclouders!

Building a safer digital world 🌍

Imagine a world where big tech doesn’t prey on your private life to create and sell products where you have no share. Where surveillance is not a scary word and is actually there to protect you. Where citizens’ data stays at home, handled with transparency and by software they choose to trust.

At present, this must sound challenging. But we believe that many drops make a bucket! Since day one, we stick to our core values and build accessible, decentralized, open-source products that put people back in control. Nextcloud’s mission has been an ongoing success thanks to our amazing diverse community.

At the Nextcloud Community Conference, we are going to celebrate our achievements and set new milestones to keep building a safer digital world together — by sharing ideas, telling stories, and mastering the craft of software that gives people their privacy back.

We are preparing an agenda full of inspiring topics and community activities. That includes keynotes by renowned privacy advocates, researchers, and writers, dynamic panel sessions, lightning talks by members of the Nextcloud community, and hands-on workshops lead by our team and contributors.

Two keynotes already scheduled:

Nextcloud Community Conference 2024 speaker Constanze Kurz promo

Keynote by Dr. Constanze Kurz: Mass surveillance: The haystack has only grown bigger

Nextcloud Community Conference 2024 speaker Björn Lundell promo

Keynote by Professor Björn Lundell: Recipes for getting stuck in proprietary clouds: How public sector organisations discriminate against OSS solutions

Stay tuned for the upcoming program announcements and start planning your trip! Want to become a part of it? Read on to learn about speaking and volunteering at the Nextcloud Community Conference.

Be a part of it: join the stage!

Love privacy, open-source and all things Nextctcloud? Speak at the Nextcloud Comminity Conference! Everyone can apply until July 21 to present a 5-minute lightning talk or lead a 30-60 minute practical workshop. Find out more about speaking opportunities and submit your proposal below.

Learn, grow, and have fun: become a volunteer!

Want to help us organize Nextcloud Community Conference? We are calling for volunteers to work with us at the site and help with registrations, stage support, and other tasks. Every volunteer receives up to 80% of travel support to cover their transportation to and from the conference as well as the hotel stay in Berlin.

Register today!

Nextcloud Community Conference and Contributor Week takes place at Motion.LabBerlin on September 14-20th.
Visit the event page to learn more details. See you at #NextcloudConf24!

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