[NextCloud11] There were problems with the code integrity check


I have install nextcloud 11 on my Synology Diskstaion DS216. NextCloud works, but on the administraion I get the following Message "There were problems with the code integrity check. "

Here the List of invalid files:

Invalid Files

What did i do wrong?


I don’t see the files at the moment but I guess they are from some “old” apps in the apps folder?

There are not yet all apps available in the new nextcloud apps store and therefore some apps fail the integrity check. As long as all of them are working you could ignore the messages and wait for updates, or look for new alternatives in the nextcloud store.

€: Okay, now I see the list which holds about all files inside nextcloud folder. So this is not related to some old apps…

Hello MichaIng,

I deleted the apps folder and then I copied again from the downloaded nexcloud11.
Then I use the integrity check. And now all files are OK.

Thank you

Good to hear, whatever this error was caused by :slight_smile: .