Nextcloud10 RC1issues


Did upgrade on my test system to RC1, and noticed 2 issues.

  1. Theming from theaming setting page doesent work. I can only change background image and logo, but all other settings (slogan, WEB etc) are ignored. I get “saved” indication, but change is not visible on login screen.

  2. Nc 10 implemented some kind of brute force prevention. I was testing my fail2ban config with NC10 and did 10 wrong login attempts, and now each login from my entire home network is taking 20seconds. From outside is OK, login is processed in 1 sec. Is it possible to disable this feature? or somehow reset it?


More information about the brute force:

I think it can be disabled with ‘’ => true,

A whitelist was disscoust in,
I got the same Problem when I changed my password. Deleting the entries from the database, table is called somthing with bruteforce worked fine for me.