Nextcloud zerstört nach Update? Down after Update?


Ich wollte mit Hilfe des Administratortools ein Update durchführen, doch das hat irgendwie nicht geklappt und nun hängt meine Nextcloud im Wartungsmodus. Was kann ich nun tun?

hi, I got a Problem during the Update and now my nextcloud is in Maintenance-Mode. What could I do?

Edit the config.php from the config folder in your Nextcloud directory and change: ‘maintenance’ => true, to ‘maintenance’ => false,

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As Krischan said, change the flag in config.php. Just wanted to add: I had the same on my NC 12.0.3 instance on raspberry pi yesterday, when the Deck app got a new version and I triggered the update via the administration.

Thx it’s no working again, but it’s impossible to do the Update :frowning:

Could you tell on which step it fails and gather nextcloud, webserver and database logs occuring while update?

where can I found the logs? i only have webspace so i don’t have ssh access to the server…

Here is the error when i try to update:
Step 4 is currently in process. Please reload this page later.