Nextcloud & Z-push - caldav configuration for z-push

Hi guys,

I am new to the forum. I found nextcloud through a google search and I thought it was very promising for the purpose I tried to achieve. My goal is to setup an email server that synchronizes between several devices. For that I installed this server, nextcloud and z-push.

Now I am at the testing of the z-push part. I successfully managed to get the imap sync with z-push running as well as the carddav. Now I am on the caldav part, which drives me CRAZY. I followed mostly the instruction I found on the forum ([here]). So I changed the path in the caldav config.php of z-push backend to “define(‘CALDAV_PATH’, ‘/nextcloud/dav/calendars/%u/’);” and changed the define(‘CALDAV_PERSONAL’, ‘personal’); to as it is shown here. In addition I change the server to my ip as i am testing internally only right now. The protocol is still the same https and the port of course is 443. I also change the sync setting to true and false and tested both. So what happens is when I enter the IP of my server followed by “/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync” I get “The page isn’t working” error messages. This does of course not tell me anything.

I am looking for some help and guidance on what I can still change in the caldav backend in z-push in order to get that last piece working. One more information that might important I added /usr/share/awl/inc in the /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini “include_path” and activated the PHP7.0-FPM in Apache. I read somewhere that that should help but it did not do anything for me.
Please, please, please give me some guidance on how and what I still can change in order to make the calendar sync working.

Thanks so much in advance.