Nextcloud won't connect to local folder because of space limits on drive but all the files on the drive are Nextcloud server files


Recently my IP address has changed due to installing a new router, so I had to log out from Nextcloud desktop and log back in with my Nextcloud server’s new IP address.

The problem is the drive my local Nextcloud folder is on has only has 121 GB of free space and because of this the desktop application seems to think I want to synchronise all 387 GB on my Nextcloud server afresh in this folder, which won’t fit on a drive with only 121 GB free. That’s not the case. Nearly all the files in the folder on this drive are files on my Nextcloud server and realistically there’s only a few MB of new files on the desktop version which need syncing, not 387 GB of files from scratch. Because of this, I can’t relink my desktop Nextcloud folder to my account when logging in on desktop.

Is there any way I can get around this?


You should use a DNS FQDN to connect to your server to avoid this situation entirely in the future.

As for your current dilemma, it may be necessary to delete the files and let it re-sync them. It thinks you are trying to establish a connection to a different server.

As always, have a backup of your data before messing with it.

Anyway it is strange there isn’t an option like “merge” which means: try to sync the two folders and if files already exist on the destination directory and are the same (checkable via md5 or date) just consider them as synced.
This would solve the issue.

Anyone knows if this is implemented in nextcloud?