Nextcloud without kwallet


How can I make Nextcloud work without kwallet? I’m on Fedora 30 KDE. I think something’s messed up with my wallet but it works fine enough with some things like GPG that I don’t dare to break it further.

The problem is that when I install Nextcloud, whenever I reboot Fedora, I get a prompt to unlock kwallet, but since I mostly don’t want to because I don’t need GPG, or I went away from the computer, I let that prompt timeout. Then Nextcloud started up my browser and wiped all my saved tabs with its login webpage.

I’ve had to uninstall Nextcloud from my Fedora PC until I figure this out. The easiest way for me would be to store credentials outside kwallet, which is good enough for my security model, but I don’t know how to set that up.

Gave it another try today via Flathub. It seems this way it doesn’t wipe my tabs when starting up my browser.

I kept Escape pressed until the kwallet prompts eventually stopped showing up and hoped that it would save my username/password somewhere. Unfortunately when I restarted the PC and did flatpak run org.nextcloud.Nextcloud it again loaded the browser and asked me to re-login and re-grant privileges.