Nextcloud with Windows Server 2016 data store and LDAP

So far I like Nextcloud very much and I am looking forward to replacing my onedrive, dropbox and google drive.

To make my installation easier I am using a VM supplied here:
That works just fine but it’s not all I need to do.

My end goal is to have run a small VM (as the one supplied) on my Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V where it’s using my Windows Server 2016 local storage as Nextcloud storage completly seemless for the end user.

I have a Windows AD-domain running so I could be utilizing LDAP to handle the users (and actually I prefer that).

I have been trying to use the External Storage app but without luck.

My Ubuntu skills are very limited (that’s why I am using the VM in the first place) so a solution must be simple.

Can above be done or should I try for some other solution. Having all the data within the VM is a big no-no in my head.
PS. I do also have a Synology NAS which could be used as data storage (even though not prefered)


You must give us more details what exactly failed, what kind of errors.

I have setup a share on my Windows Server. Added a AD user and given full rights to the share and the folder underneath. When I try to add the External Storage it just give me a red square. Nothing is written under logs (maybe I am looking the wrong place).

But is the External Storage the right way to do it? (I read some stuff about rights to files were an issue and that it was not possible to change the home default directory of Nextcloud without a lot of issues.)

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