Nextcloud with wallabag on the same server


i’m running nextcloud on one domain ( on port 443) and wallabag on a second domain ( theorically on port 88XX), both running on a LAMP server on a raspberry pi with ssl. Both are working correctly but concerning wallabag i can access it only by port 443 although port 88XX is open on my router. My configuration is the same as explained here
The problem is that wallabag displays not correctly like “line by line”, though the content is correct. It looks as if the traffic for wallabag goes through the address used for nextcloud.
thanks for your help,


Nextcloud version
Operating system and version raspbian stretch june 2018
Apache or nginx version Apache 2.4.25)
PHP version 7.1

The issue you are facing:

Normally you can run both apps in different virtual hosts and even use the default port 443 (nowadays, most clients should support SNI but you could also use a multi-domain certificate from letsencrypt). it would be the first example (here it is for port 80, but it will be the same for ssl sites):

In each virtual host, you can configure php or other scripts independently.

thanks @tflidd for your help. My configuration is as mentioned in your reference and it works but i only have this kind of unpleasant display, see picture attached. I’d like to have a normal display but i don’t know how to handle this…wallabagwrongdisplay