Nextcloud with two names

I have installed nextcloud in a ubuntu vm and runs excellent with no issues. Problem is that there is that being a cloud you always need to access it externally. I initially setup letsencrypt and all if fine with SSL now. The hostname on my machine is like I use sophos UTM and it makes sense to create a reverse proxy on it for the webserver. I went this route, got a certificate installed it in the WAF (Web Application Firewall) so all SSL traffic is handled between public network and WAF running in the UTM. It is unnecessary now to have SSL running on internal webserver where nextcloud is installed.

What is the best way to strip out SSL from nextcloud and have it only accessible via http on port 80? I tried removing the Virtual host in apache for SSL but when I go to http://computer1 from internal in the LAN I end up in apache webpage telling me that apache works fine and not the nextcloud page.

Also I called the external name in the WAF like should I be renaming the internal host to this name too? Now it gets messy when you try to share a link as I need to update the link with external name. Any simpler way to bypass this by tweaking apache?

Any ideas, help is appreciated,

Maybe the documentation will help you