Nextcloud with Raspberry and very large files on external drive

I have a big external hard drive mounted on a Raspberry Pi4 with latest Raspberry pi OS 64 bit.

I want to configure next cloud in order to

  • use the the whole external hard disk content as cloud storage space, so that I can operate on all file and folders inside it through Nextcloud clients
  • download and upload also very large files e.g. 200GB
  • maintain NTFS as filesystem on the external drive that I have to use also on Windows systems
  • caching the file during upload in a temp folder in the external drive itself, since the Raspberry microsd where the OS is installed is small and in addition intensive write operation would wear it fast

Could you give me some hint (if this is possible)?

I have already seen how to create a “standard” netxcloud configuration with basic steps (e.g. general PHP and webserver installation, nextcloud database creation, first access to the nextcloud panel) but I would avoid to mess with trial and error for this specific scenario.