Nextcloud with Microsip softphone not working as expected


I’m using Nextcloud since version 25.0.1 and it becomes more and more part of my daily digital life. It’s containerized on an Odroid H2 hardware running at home.

One important app is the contact app for syncing all my contacts on different devices.

On my Windows destkop I’m using Nextcloud within the browser. On the desktop there’s a Microsip softphone installed.

Now when I open a contact, choose a telephone number, hover over the ‘Call now’ button and click on it, my browser immediatley closes. When I’m hovering over the ‘Call now’ button I can see that there is a href ‘tel:+49xxxxxxxxxx’.

I’ve seen this working on other webpages (e.g.

When I’m inspecting the html code in the browser I can see the following:

<a data-v-51bcd066="" href="tel:+49xxxxxxxxxx target="_blank" class="property__ext icon-external"></a>

There is an attribute ‘target=“_blank”’.
When I remove this attribute everything works fine. Naturally this hack is gone after renewing the page.

I believe this is NOT a bug; but…

Is there any possiblity to get rid of this attribute?
Is there any possibility for a configuration?

Within this support forum I haven’t found a similar report und I’ve got no suggestion with a similar topic.

I will stay on version 25 because I’m waiting for the fulltext search apps finalized; for me another important feature.

Any help is appreciated.

Nextcloud version 25.0.6-fpm-alpine, containerized,
OS Almalinux 9.1, Podman 4.2 Pod
HW Hardkernel Odroid H2, 32GB Ram, 512GB SSD
NGinx 1.23.4 Alpine
PHP version 8.1.18
Postgresql 14.7 Alpine
Redis 7.10 Alpine
Desktop Win 11 22h2 up to date
Browser Vivaldi 6.0 (Chromium)
Microsip 3.21.3

Best regards