Nextcloud with external User Data

Hi Guys,

Ive installed Nextcloud in a VM. Since local storage is limited, Ive added an external SMB storage. This storage should contain all the data of the users. The name of the folder is a backslash “/”, so the users can only save their data on this external storage.
The Problem about this is, that there isn`t created automatically a new folder for a user, like on the local storage. Because of this I have many files on my share, and I don’t know what data is for which user. Is there a solution for this problem?

Another possibility would be that I set the data folder on the SMB share when first installing Nextcloud. Then a folder with the name containing the data is created for each user. But then there are other data in the share except those of users.
Which approach would be better or someone can give me tips, how can I solve this problem?

I hope I`m in the right part of the forum.

Thanks guys and with best regards,