Nextcloud with external Caldav and Cardav

Dear all,

is there a way to integrate an external Caldav and/or Carddav server in Nextcloud?

Thank you for any hint.


Seems you cannot share external caldav.

Try sharing an external webcal link to a group of users.

Dear @just thank you for your answer.

I have to be more concrete. I want to integrate an external caldav calendar or external cardav contacts in the Nextcloud internal apps = use the apps as clients.

Afaik that is not possible. The Nextcloud apps are the server component, not clients for other services.

That is why I mention webcal for adding external Calendars, but this offers limited sharing via the Nextcloud clients as of today. What I mean is, Nextcloud does not give any additional functionality to the external calendar.

Looks like this integration idea has been under consideration since Owncloud, but still unresolved on the development end as caldav and cardav.

Here is documentation of writing a custom calendar backend:

thank you for your reply.