Nextcloud Windows desktop client grey in taskbar


I’ve a strange behavior with the windows desktop client.

Users only have a windows domain account. They don’t have install rights on the pc’s or laptops.
Local admin or a domain user with install rights needs to install the nextcloud desktop client.

So far so good. But… after installation the user logs on and enters the nextcloud url to the server and sets up the sync. The syncing starts…But then, something happens… after the user shutdowns the system. Starts the system and logs in. Suddenly the nextcloud icon in the system tray is grey and no longer syncing. Nextcloud client even crashes, so you can’t change anything.

When you logon as local admin, the the client works again. But not for the user when they logon.

Does anybody had this issue? And how did you resolve this?

Did you try the trobleshooting guide? You should at least get the client to do some logging: