Nextcloud Windows client : no connection to server

Hi community,

I have a problem with my Nextcloud Windows client. Everyday, I’ve to delete and re-input my account in the app because I have a message “No connection to the server https://…” and sync are stopped.
When I delete and re-input my account to the app it works (until the reboot).

My Nextcloud server version is 11.0.2 (stable).
My Windows client version is 2.3.1 (build 8).
My Windows version is 10.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I probably won’t be able to help much in this area, but what does your apache/nginx configuration look like? Maybe there’s a timeout happening somewhere that could be configured differently.

When you have problems, it’s always worth checking if you have a up-to-date version ( in case the problem has already been fixed.

To debug client errors, you can check a guide from the ownCloud docs:

It is worth testing if the webdav interface is working all the time or is showing errors as well. If you want to make an isolated test of the client, you can also sync to a test server:

Hello and thanks for your answers.

I think it’s not a client problem.

But on the server side I have a HTTP PROPFIND request on the webdav app that return exit code 207, and a GET request on status.php that return exit code 200.

In the client log, it fails at the PROPFIND request :

  • PROPFIND request not successful, http result code is 0 “”

I have no error in the server error.log (apache2).

207 is a multi-status message:

I would still test the client. Then use NC 11.0.3 and check your config against the default config from the documentation.

OK I think I will upgrade the Nextcloud Server to the 11.0.3 version.

I have the problem with only Windows 10 computers.
Macbooks and Linux are OK.

I will make you a return when it will be done. Thanks. :wink:

The Nextcloud client or the ownCloud client as well? Perhaps there is an issue during packaging?

The Nextcloud client only.

same problem,
solve : No connection to Nextcloud at <url> Operation canceled
my ip was blocked