Nextcloud webdav in KDE Linux

I have KDE Neon. I used to connect to my nextcloud server with Dolphin; this was (and is) the entry: webdav://
In these last times I am asked every time for user and password, and this is very annoying.
I tried to create an account network, following…ss_webdav.html, but unsuccessfully.
I’d like to use Dolphin, and not another app (like nextcloud client).
There is a way? I think something like webdav:// + user and password: but how?
Thank yoy

No real idea. But perhaps you can use “davfs2” and mount direct in the filesystem / fstab.

already done, @devnull, but unsuccessfully, even following these steps I can’t mount nextcloud, I get this error message:

Could not mount device.
The reported error was:
/sbin/mount.davfs: Mounting failed.
302 Found

You must use the webdav settings from settings on the left side button in nextcloud-web-gui-files

Do you mean “” ?
Already done!
But unsuccessfully.

Yes. But with “files” and “username” in url.

No, nothing to do.

This is probably an intended security feature and you need to use the KDE wallet to store the password:

Unfortunately, no. Even enabling KDE wallet the problem is still there.