Nextcloud vs syncthing speed


i just setup nextcloud in truens scale, bellow is my server spec
i7 3770, 16GB, HDD 1T mirroring 7200rpm, LAN 1GB, WIFI 5ghz, home lan all using 1GB port + cat6

i still don’t know why compare with syncthing transfer file more faster then nextcloud.
i test from my pc to my server by local lan, nextcloud speed no more than 80mbps, test by phone with wifi 5ghz no more than 30mbps. i do test speed from server to pc and to my phone

pc u/d around 980mbps
phone u/d around 380mbps

any solution to make nextcloud more faster using local lan? or my cpu is not good enough?


Your specs are definitely OK. In my setup I can saturate 1Gbit/s LAN with slower hardware.

But in general transfer speed is highly dependent on the files - large files are expected to transfer close to hardware limits, lot of small files could be significant slower due to application overhead (e.g. read/write to the database).

Review you NC config - some apps are known to slow down the system e.g. external storage. Start with really basic system and and functionality slowly to nail the problem.

NC config still using default, because the server is fresh setup, and this is my first time setup server, all still using default configuration

Just confused when using syncthing send from pc to same server can achive max speed in around 700-800mbps.

Search the forum still no found fit solution for speed issue

Syncthing is a more efficient protocol. It is much faster than webdav for most transfer types, if not all.

Syncthing wins at speed and conflict resolution.
Webdav excels cause everything Nextcloud rounds it out with besides speed and sync performance.

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Due to the architecture of nextcloud and the WebDAV protocol, nextcloud will loose in terms of speed to Syncthing, but will win in terms of features and versatility. If you want both you need to use nextcloud and throw hardware at the problem, but that is probably not an option.

Developing an app to get nextcloud to talk the syncthing protocol is definitely on my list of things i want to do when i find time for it, but in the meantime you will need to decide between speed and features.

Also there are lots of things you can change about the nextcloud config to get better general performance, like PHP 8, switching from mysql to postgres, php-fpm settings …

as I referenced above NC is definitely capable to achieve this speed for big files. Before you troubleshoot a miracle first check “if you have a speed issue”. if you reach more than a half of your theoretical hardware throughput - I would suggest to do nothing and leave it as is…

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You can do a few things to speed up Nextcloud:

Then the memory size for php, number of threads and so on depends on the usage.

That is a good benchmark of what you can expect.

Actually i no use all nextcloud functions, just need backups my photo from my phone and my pc

Before i use syncthing than i realize syncthing do 100% sync from 1 devices to other device. Than it will be major issue for my phone, than i found nextcloud can do streaming like google photo. Just show picture and download when i need it, save my storage.

I think i will stay with nextcloud and hope next version can solve speed issue. No much i can do either, I’m not expert tech guy.

Anyway thanks for all reply

If you don’t tune your system, this won’t happen automatically. Like for the caches, developers consider that you are using them already for reasonable performance, so they won’t invest time to improve it for people who don’t use it.

There is nothing to wait for, because these are different sync protocols.
WebDav will never be Syncthing, nor will it ever be rsync.

Use whatever works best for you and glad you got your question answered.

You can find out much of how to do your configuration in these pages. In general the documentation of Nextcloud is really complete and helpful.

Look specifically for the cache pages