Nextcloud VM Reinstalation AD Join Issues

Brand new user here. I deployed the .ova file for the first time and was able to set it up and join it to my AD domain with no issues. Unfortunately, I locked myself out of it in fairly short order so I deleted the VM and redeployed the template. During the setup of the new VM, I was asked a question after selecting “Join Into an existing Microsoft Active Directory domain” about making the system either a Domain controller backup, Domain controller slave, or a member server. I was not asked this question the first time. No matter which one I select, On the next screen where you enter your AD domain credentials, it always rejects my login to join to the AD domain. It displays the error “The connection the UCS Master was refused. Please recheck the Password”. The only issue with this is I don’t have any other UCS software on my network. Did it add an object to AD that I need to delete before redeploying the OVA?