Nextcloud VM installed - will use VPN to connect

Hi! Just learned about Nextcloud and I’ve downloaded and installed it on my vm player at home.
When I hit http//nextcloud-ip I get the apache welcome screen, but my iphone/pc on the same local network can’t connect with https. I’ve not followed the ssl or easy setup yet, because I don’t want to expose my nextcloud on the internet.
I got VPN running at home and will use that - so my connection will be only local.
How can I get this working with Nextcloud, it looks like the app always want to have https when trying to connect?
Thanks for helping out, this software looks so fantastic. Have a great day everyone.

Is it so that I must use the easy cert thing to get it to work?
Since I’m on lan I dont have to port forward anything.
Kind of struggling to get it up and going with the https not being available…

I removed it and I’m now installing a pre-configured version with 40gb. Already I’m able to reach the admin website (or at least the config page telling me to add more allowed ip’s) so thats good.