Nextcloud VM and QNAP NAS ports


Hello all.

I have been running the T&M Nextcloud VM on my QNAP NAS for well over a year now and apart from the odd, usually, my fault, clitch it has been excellent.

I do have a question however for the QNAP/Nextcloud users here, so I hope it’s ok to post here?

The Nextcloud VM uses port 80/443 which in my NAS translates to 8083/8082 respectively. I want to use the Virtual hosts function on the NAS. For example:, I have set up the DNS for the domain to point to my WAN IP which is the same as my Nextcloud VM.

Now when I go to I get the Nextcloud screen about “Access through untrusted domains” so the DNS side is working ok becuase it is going to my WAN IP.

To reach the QNAP virtual host I have to type in

Yes I hear you say, “you need to set up port forwarding”.

I have tried different combinations on my router all have failed because I’m guessing that port 80/443 are being used by the Nextcloud VM so I cant use QNAP Virtual hosts? Am I wrong? What do I need to do to avoid appending the virtual host address with the port number?

Many thanks