Nextcloud VM - after fresh install, only getting 503 Service Unavailable in Browser

I downloaded the current OVA, opened it in the current VMWare Workstation Player under current Windows 10 and installed it.
First error is that it says it can’t get an IP-Address from dhcp. My homerouter is giving an IP and the Vm is using it… But in the installation I am told to manually set an IP which is working after the installation is completed.
So the installation is going on and I only change Keyboard-layout and timezone to german, everything else is at their defaults (no fail2ban, no mail server, whatever) and no SSL.
After the installation everything seems to be fine, but when the vm starts there are 2 red lines shown, something with php. After it is bootet I am connecting with my browser and always only getting 503 Service Unavailable.

I tried it a couple of times on two different machines (all windows10) and two different Browsers. :rage:

To bad but my English isn’t good and I am a total noob when it comes to linux or any of this! I only use NC for my contacts in my smartphone and so it is an set it and forget it aproach for me with the NC-vm… I also made a bug report @ github.

Today I could install it without the dhcp Error, but the problem with 503 still exists.

Problem is now fixed!