Nextcloud VM accessing over WAN cloud.mydomain problem

Hello everyone,

First of all I m new here and I have freshly install yesterday my nextcloud on a VM (VirtualBox 6.1)
It’s up and running, I can access it over the static IP adress of this VM I can also access it from my LAN over my own domain

But my trouble get when I try to access it from WAN over my it loads my router admin page which is not what is supposed to happen.

I understand my issue is not related to the VM or the nextcloud itself but it is a problem of settings in my router if I m right. I tried to search over internet to find the answer but no luck.

My port 80 and 443 are open

Is there something else I m missing?
Any master of these kind of external IP DNS and domain could help? =)

Thank you community

Well, this is alarming. The last thing you want is your router management exposed to the internet.

Would I be right in guessing that the router is also accessed via port 443? Can the port be changed?

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Thank you!
Yes it was annoying. I managed to block the access to it but everytime I was trying to redo the linking the same issue was happening.

You are right the port 443 was on for accessing my router but no possibility to change it, I just desactivates the sharing and let only the port 80 on.

Now it’s working. Thank’s a lot !