Nextcloud Video Player

I’ve got Nextcloud V24 up and running as a docker container. Everything works well, but I’m finding the video player a bit lacking. The theming looks a bit old and there are not many options available on the player menu.

I’ve come accross this app GitHub - Baozisoftware/nextcloud-videoplayer: Video Player for Nextcloud modified by Baozisoftware which is based on videojs (a popular open source HTML5 video player) - This in turn is based off an older videojs nextcloud player, - GitHub - nextcloud/files_videoplayer: Old video viewer for Nextcloud. Despite being quite old both these players look better to me than the current app, and they have quite a quite a few more options - such as caption support, video duration etc. But, although I’m able to install both apps, niether of them seem to work. When click on a video to play it, it will just download it instead. Does anyone have any suggestions?

a videojs player would be ideal as it would allow for video annotations via GitHub - contently/videojs-annotation-comments: A plugin for video.js to add support for timeline moment/range comments and annotations as well as other features such as video quality selection.
The current video player is based on the “viewer” app which seems quite basic. Has anyone successfully implemented a videojs player into recent versions of nextcloud? Is there much demand for this? I am coming from the perspective of video editing where I am sharing videos with clients. Being able to firstly have a video player that looks good and secondly, be able to have more advanced options such as annotations and quality selection would be great.