Nextcloud Video Chat connecting to Video Conference Room

I’m not sure if this post is in the right place. Nextcloud Talk looks like a great way for our small business to host video conferences. A few years back we had to purchase a Video Conferencing System (Polycom RealPresence) for one project. We no longer use the system and cannot justify the $20/month for any of the services out there.

It would be amazing if this system could be used to connect to our Nextcloud.

If this is not a feature that can be built into Nextcloud, how would I go about creating a Video Conferencing Room. Google has a system that will work with their hangouts (I think) and Office365 has systems that can be linked to it. Thank you for your feedback.

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Probably not the best choice as multiuser video-conferencing through plain webrtc isn’t the most efficient.

Have a look at Jitsi Meet or BigBlueButton instead.

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There are lot of technologies using building a video conferencing app. Take a look at this post This post was explained step by step details of video conferencing technologies, workflow, features, etc.

I hope this post will helps to you!

Logitech conference systems are pretty nice (like the BCC950), you can hook them up with any service (including Nextcloud Talk) because they are not attached to any service, just a USB audio/video device that can be used with any PC.